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Curriculum Vitae of Chris Musty

Team Leader | Coder | IT Analyst | Communications Expert

Curriculum Vitae of Chris Musty

Team Leader | Coder | IT Analyst | Communications Specialist

Chris Musty

I am looking for successful integration into a role that allows for parlay of my existing skillset. I am widely experienced with several leaderhip roles, technical affinity, autodidactic nature and ability to improve systematic approaches to the support paradigm. I will benefit any business that requires someone technical to lead a team, investigate problems/develop fixes, manage projects or advise on IT strategies.

My career to date has lead me to all parts of Australia, from the countries longest underground mine to the heights of football stadium roofs and many corporate offices in between. What started as a passion for mechanical enginering quickly turned into my current (broad) field of IT. 

I currently live in the north western suburb of Thornleigh and ideally I am looking for work within a 20Km radius with good access to public transport. 

Below is a summary of my experiences. 

Personal Attributes

  • Motivated, personable, hardworking
  • Exceptional talent for quickly mastering technology
  • Strong training and knowledge transfer skills
  • Loyal, stable and trustworthy
  • Experienced in a wide variety of technical disciplines
  • Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential records
  • Demonstrated history of producing accurate, timely reports
  • Competant and efficient with information distribution and process guidelines
  • Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure
  • Thrive in challenging and deadline-driven environments
  • Excellent team-building and leadership skills

Contact Me

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As this is a public website, I am not willing to put my full personal info online. If you would like to hear back from me, simply complete the form and a link to the role description you are offering and I will send you my full resume.


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Skill Set


Skill Set


Project Management

Every role I have held has required me to manage one form of project or another. My skills come to the forefront particularly when I combine my experience with management software to acheive outcomes.

Team Leadership

I have lead teams up to 30 people nation wide in field service and helpdesk roles. My objective has been to focus on drawing out peoples strengths, providing training where required and finding synergy within a team.

Reporting & Analysis

Proficient with Tableau and the ubiquitous microsoft office suite, I have an innate ability to visualise data and provide in depth analysis on what is occuring behind the scenes.

Technical Writing

With technical affinity comes the ability to create technical documentation and processes which drives autonomy and efficiency. Combined with platforms that allow the user to search, comment and manage change controls, I can proceduralise any business approach or application.

Software Development

Utilising mostly Xojo, for its ability to create cross platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) as well as Web and iOS applications, I can deliver modern, well coded applications with experience from company intranets to dashboards and a range of purpose built tools for business.

Web Development

Extensive experience with wordpress, customisation and security. I have developed many websites including customisation of the base operating systems for security hardening. I also produce custom web 2.0 apps that can be integrated right into wordpress.


Deep understanding of Linux and derivatives. My favorite is Debian although I am equally at home with all variants. Lately I have been utilising Turnkey Linux’s builds which include a wide variety of business appliances. I also have broad experience with virtualisation including AWS and proxmox.


Broad experience securing websites (LAMP Stack) and Linux OS in general. I also have excellent experience deploying firewalls and other corporate insfrastructure such as pfSense, clearos and custom builds.


Applications I am proficient in Deploying, Modifying, Administering and Using


Applications I am proficient in Deploying, Modifying, Administering and Using

Linux and Variants

Xojo IDE



Linux Security

Turnkey Linux



Ulan Coal Mines

Apprentice Fitter/Plant Mechanic

1997 – 2001

Chosen from 200 candidates, this position was considered the Mudgee area’s finest position for completing an apprenticeship. During my time I was exposed to amazing machinery and technology which led onto my current interest in IT.

Some of my achievements there were maintaining operation of the longwall (by myself at one point), developing a hydraulic hose diversion and sheild boss to prevent hoses from being crushed on underground bucket loaders (this design was later integrated into the plant manufacturers design) and rebuilding some of the most monsterous trucks in existance (Cat 789D Dump Trucks).

Comtech (Subcontracting to the PA People)

Sound Equipment Installer

2002 – 2003

The PA People are one of Australia’s largest installers of high end audio equipment for stadiums, churches, auditoriums and world class facilities like the Sydney Opera House. Comtech (a small Mudgee based company) had an ongoing relationship with PA People to install and commission some of their largest projects. I joined as a contractor and quickly found myself amongst some of the most expensive and high profile installations in Australia.

Some of my achievements were working on sound control rooms at Lang Park Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Opera House and learning from the industries best sound engineers.

Holman Engineering

Electronics Technician

2003 – 2006

Holman Engineering are an award winning small business providing electronics, software and mechanical installations to a wide range of businesses from retail to government. I was involved in the full lifecycle of projects as well as maintaining existing clients. My role was wide and varied including fabrication, electronics repairs, field service and manufacturing.

Whilst there I managed to work on projects from City Rail, Woolworths, Major Shopping Centers and even well known brands like Goldstein. I fabricated many signs still around today including Woolworths truck management system, Sydney University and probably every train station in the cityrail fleet.

ECL Group (Formerly ECL Fuelquip)

Team Leader (Retail POS Support)

2007 – 2011

ECL Group have maintained dominance in the fuel services sector providing a complete suite of services to ensure upkeep of service stations. Originating from New Zealand they also provide technology solutions to the retail environment. In my role I led a team of 30 technicians nation wide and was the final escallation point for Retail POS for Caltex. Almost exclusively dealing with Caltex I was also responsible for reporting issues and trends, devising solutions to improve service delivery and reliability and testing compliance of new hardware.

My achievements saw me train, lead and develop my team, report to corporate offices and develop process and solutions that in one type of failure reduced downtime from 12 hours to just 30 minutes.

Super Geek

Mobile IT Technician and Team Leader

2011 – 2012

In 2011 I joined Super Geek as they expanded into Sydney. Already thriving in Brisbane, Super Geek had a promising marketing structure and leadership team that helped Franchisees build quality businesses. My role including attending clients houses, businesses (and even celebrities) to repair or deliver solutions.

I managed to achieve a good repore with clients and my natural ability to relate to people saw me reach sales targets weekly. A victim of my own success I had to leave the following year as my workload grew to over 12 hours per day and I left the following year to find a role that was more conducive to family life.

Luxottica Retail

Retail Telecommunications Manager

2012 – Current

Luxottica employes around 70 thousand people world wide and is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of eye glasses. My role at Luxottica (Lux) started as an IT analyst supporting their own in house purpose built point of sale and has moved to leading Telecommunications Support. The company is undergoing an exiting change with NBN rollouts, digital signage installations, VOIP migrations and a complete network revamp.

My achievements include uncovering a critical fault with hard drives in the fleet (800) and working with different teams to produce a solution to ensure they are replaced on first sign of trouble. I have also developed software to manage store data and my most recent achievement bringing Telecommunications support back in house to ensure timely resolution of issues in what is quickly becoming a complicated environment. I now manage this department.

Healthy Innovations

IT Director

2005 – Current

Healthy Innovations is a professional clinic located in Thornleigh that provides Physiotherapy and group classes to promote health and well being. It is also my wife’s business! Due to this fact I have naturally been tasked with providing technical solutions to common problems. From the start I designed the layout of the studio to operate like a world class facility but all while maintaining the cutting edge technology to manage and transform the business.

Healthy Innovations boasts its own advanced telephony exchange, fully customised booking and class management system in house encrypted file storage for sensitive client data, a company portal, in house email and groupware, centralised credential management, custom monitoring and surveillance systems, learning management systems, integrated music streaming service, secure remote management systems and so much more.

In the history of operating the business Healthy Innovations has not lost a single day due to technical failure.

Specialised Technologies

Owner | IT Consultancy

1997 – Current

In the background I have always had my own business (Registered Company) that has allowed me to contract my services. My current management role with Luxottica came from an initial 3 month contract in 2012.

I have maintained projects as varied as in-house email systems, software development, analytics, web development, IT support and other general consulting.